Saturday, 25 February 2012

Workday at Wath Road - 25/02/2012

During the inspection ride last week (19/02/12), along the Timberland Trail, we happened upon this very bad section between Wath Road and Cortonwood Retail Park. It was decided to put on an extra workday to tackle this area. It would seem that this is an easy spot for fly tippers to dump their load.  At the top of the embankment to the right of the pictures (below) is a small road off Knollbeck Lane, which backs on to the Trans Pennine Trail.

We met at the entrance of the TPT on Wath Road at 1000hrs and made our way to the area that needed the most attention. Armed with litterpickers, black bags and a bit of fodder we started the onslaught against the mass of rubbish. My daughter Peta-Marie was shocked at the amount of rubbish in the area, but this did not deter her from helping out.

My youngest Arron, even gave a helping by moving some of the larger pieces. By 1100hrs, we have made a massive difference to the area and had collected 12 bags of rubbish, removed a large piece of carpet, wood, plastic containers and numerous other items. We stopped for a quick break and a chocolate biscuit before we continued our assault on the on the rubbish. A number of people past us and spurred us on with their kind comments.

The morning soon disappeared and we moved into the afternoon, not deterred with the amount of work still outstanding, we continue with the offensive. Kate, Marie (the wife) and Corey (my son) continued working hard scrambling up and down the embankment picking litter. Slowly but surely, we could see the light at the tunnel and the area was looking at lot better and a lot cleaner. We stopped at 1245hrs for a spot of lunch and a quick breather, not to mention to rest our aching bodies.

Feeling refreshed we continued for a while longer before tidying up. We collected a massive 25 bags of litter, a steak knife, a fork and a screw driver amongst other things. That particular stretch is looking a lot better, but after a quick scour around it would seem that it needs a lot more work to clean that entire stretch, so more days will be planned it to tackle the area.

I would like to thank my wife and kids for helping out and to Kate who is the Workday Organiser for Penistone – Dunford Bridge Section of the TPT, who travelled all the way from Denby Dale to give us a hand. As you can see from the picture below, we have made a massive improvement. Thanks everyone.