Sunday, 11 September 2011

Penistone Agricultural Show - 10th September 2011

Not my best planned event, but a success thanks to Sarah Ford and her team, who brought a number of items from the TPT Office.

For me I spent the morning walking round the show with my family, looking at the stalls and really enjoyed the mountain bike skills demonstration and the poultry competition. Next year I don’t think there will be any need to buy food from Tesco’s prior to going in, because if you walk round the trade stands there’s normally samples you can try and most of the food we bought, we brought home.

In the afternoon, I spent 3hrs helping out on the stall. There were plenty of interest in the leaflets and other items such as teddies, torches, t-shirts etc, which you could give a small donation for to the Friends of the TPT. There were discussions on a number of areas, from littering to graffiti, and soil erosion to drainage problems. All were recorded and relevant departments will be informed.

TPT Stall in the NFU tent.
A number of local organisations came and spoke to us informing us of events that they were going to hold along the TPT. One organisation was offering potentially free training in dry wall stoning. The local scout group are doing a charity walk later on in the year along the TPT and Penistone FM are putting a committee together and would like the TPT to be part of it, Mandy details were given out a number of times throughout the day.

I bumped in to a couple of Volunteer Rangers; John Sheriff was busy helping his other half, in one of the trade tents and John Gardener who is one of Barnsley Countryside rangers was extremely busy helping build bird boxes, next to the TPT stand, there was no let up in interested people, young & old who wanted a bird box or bug house. We also had interest in the Volunteer Roles and what we do; unfortunately the person who enquired lived well inside the Wakefield area.

Towards the end of the day, I spoke to Sarah Ford about next year’s Penistone Show and the potential of helping out again, which looks quite fruitful. So all in all, an extremely good day.