Saturday, 20 August 2011

Milepost Workday - 14th August 2011

Having done a couple of inspection rides in the spring, I noted that two of the four mileposts (Lundwood & Carlton) in the Barnsley area were in need of a bit of TLC, so it was decided to put a workday to give them a touch up.
Carlton Milepost

Lundwood Milepost

Unfortunately only I and one of ranger turned up for the workday, which may of been a blessing in disguise, due to the fact that the mileposts are not that big. Still we gave them a lick of paint, even though we are no Michelangelo!!!



We decided to give the mileposts a basecoat of black and highlight the lettering in white. As I have already stated we are no Michelangelo, this fact, lead on to a discussion about who out there could give these mileposts justice. I do not know if anyone has seen the milepost at Old Royston or even the multi-coloured one at Wortley but they look fantastic. We came to the conclusion that these mileposts may make a good project for an art student’s portfolio, so once term has began; I am going to look into Barnsley College and Carlton Community College, as both of these have art departments.

Lundwoods finished milepost

John Sheriff giving the finishing touch
to the Carlton Milepost.

It only took John Sheriff and me about an hour to paint the first one and slightly longer for the second. I have to admit that the mileposts do look better, after their lick of paint.

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