Sunday, 29 January 2012

Inspection Ride – Old Royston to RSPB Old Moor (Return) – 29th January 2012

It was a cold crisp morning, registering -0.5°c on the dashboard clock as I pulled in to the lay-by on Cold Hiendley Common Lane, near Haw Park Wood and jettisoned my bike off the rear of my car and made my way to the entrance of the Trans Pennine Trail on Navvy Lane/Notton Lane.

I was met by fellow ranger John Sheriff, where we waited 15mins to see if anyone else would join us. At 1015hrs we sent off.

The trail itself is in pretty good condition, there was some muddy stretches and some dry, but nothing major. There were a few areas that needed some attention,  a small stretch near Monk Bretton that is in a serious need of a litter pick and a section in Lundwood that seems to draw people to start fires, a wheelie bin had been set alight and just left in situ, not very visually pleasing when you cycle past. Also just pasted Wombwell there is another area that could do with a litter pick.

Once at RSPB Old Moor it was time for a quick brew stop and a chance to discuss what we had encountered on the way down. This was followed by cycling back to Old Royston. I find it better cycling both ways, as sometimes you can miss things, which you would not normally see.

Once back at Old Royston we had a quick chat before we went our separate ways and made our way home.

Next inspection ride will be from RSPB Old Moor to Wortley (return) on the 19th February 2012, again it’s a 1000hrs meet, at the car park at Old Moor.

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